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No Another Pokemon Parody No Another Pokemon Parody

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is some amazing animation work here. There are some spots where the animation could have been smoother in comparison to the rest of the video, but the said spots themselves are still very good. Also I love the overused but so true scenario of being blocked by your rival in pokemon.

Now I noted you on your animation work, however, I think you have to work on the audio. The voice of Gary is great, however, the voice acting of Ash could be more convincing, and the lack of proper volume mastering makes it a little difficult (but not impossible) to hear everything. I am not saying the audio is necessarily bad, I just think that your project would be even more entertaining if your audio met that very-close-to-professional animation quality of yours.

Anyway, Great job, please keep up the work.

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Beat up Sandbag Beat up Sandbag

Rated 5 / 5 stars


finally, done! it's great seriously, I mostly loked the finish lol, I absolutely didn't expect that would happen nvm dat waz awesome

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-Quadrato- -Quadrato-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice game, one of the rare flash games I've played for more than an hour.

for the graphics, well there's nothing much to say about it, but I always liked the gradients so 10^^.

for the style, a big 10 because i've never saw such a game ever on the portal, and i kinda like ze cursor :D.

another 10 for the sound, (It's me music, yay!) glad my "talents" found themselves useful for someone :P.

5 for violence, because it makes me feel violent when I play whit it for more than two hours XD.

10 for interactivity, it's just really well scripted and stuff.

8 for humor, because it's funny when I'm all calm at start, then I slightly turn nervous, then calm, then nervous again, but wait, no, I'm getting back to calm, holy crap get stressful again, and then, PAF! a gray spot is touched and I have to restart all over, then, I take whatever my hand can reach and throw it out of my window... :D!
(nah just kidding but it's kind of similar)

so an overall of 10 cuz you found a way to make a new kind of games that gets addictive...

anyways, thanks for usin my music, I really am honored ^^ Keep up the good work, I'll be trying to look out for your next pieces to come out!

.... :D!

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watch outttt watch outttt

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hmmm... I like it ^^

Not bad... I kinda like the beat, I love the lead! but you know what would be great meanwhile the lead? Strings... and maybe use a less rough beat, it emphazes over the beautiful melody^^ but that's a good song ^^ i'm sure that with some practice, you'll be great!^^ anyways good luck to you!

Nyth-Pinank responds:

Hey thanks for the review and I will take your advice into consideration for my next song. Especially adding a string to my lead :)

C- Silver Canvas C- Silver Canvas

Rated 4 / 5 stars

finally, you made a whole song :D

well, I must say I'm quite pleased you finally made a song instead of a loop, and about your demo thing, I was thinking about planning something so I could give you my hacked... oops, I mean, "shared" version of it, but the serial got lost in my folders so as soon as I find it back, I'm gonna send you a message k? why am I trying to help you? well only because I had the same problem and I found it extremely annoying so... anyways, not bad for a thing made whit ze demo... anyways congrats on yer first song ^^ and if you want an advice, try to get a little more smooth, your songs are too gloss, but still, you do not have the full version so you don't really have all the options I guess so i'll be generous, 4/5 ^^ Farewell dude

Cinnabonmon responds:

Ok thanks man! what do you mean by gloss by the way?

C- Baby Blue C- Baby Blue

Rated 3 / 5 stars

well I guess it was ok... for a loop

this may sound a little against some people, but I didn't found it really good, no offence, i'm just saying that this could be way bether by my opinion. i mean, it's not that bad but it doesn't deserves the rating attached to it now... 4.20/5.00? anyways, I'm sure that you may be bether making whole songs cuz most people consider loop makers as lazy persons. anyways, keep up the good work. and if the guy below me is right saying that you're making music whit FL studio, well, I support you at 100%, you're on the good path, keep up and...well... it's pretty much what I wanted to say ^^

Cinnabonmon responds:

well thanks yes im using FL, its just im mainly a flash guy and im using the demo so i cant save )=<