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-Quadrato- -Quadrato-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice game, one of the rare flash games I've played for more than an hour.

for the graphics, well there's nothing much to say about it, but I always liked the gradients so 10^^.

for the style, a big 10 because i've never saw such a game ever on the portal, and i kinda like ze cursor :D.

another 10 for the sound, (It's me music, yay!) glad my "talents" found themselves useful for someone :P.

5 for violence, because it makes me feel violent when I play whit it for more than two hours XD.

10 for interactivity, it's just really well scripted and stuff.

8 for humor, because it's funny when I'm all calm at start, then I slightly turn nervous, then calm, then nervous again, but wait, no, I'm getting back to calm, holy crap get stressful again, and then, PAF! a gray spot is touched and I have to restart all over, then, I take whatever my hand can reach and throw it out of my window... :D!
(nah just kidding but it's kind of similar)

so an overall of 10 cuz you found a way to make a new kind of games that gets addictive...

anyways, thanks for usin my music, I really am honored ^^ Keep up the good work, I'll be trying to look out for your next pieces to come out!

.... :D!

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